Spoken English

Spoken English

What is spoken English?

Improvize360 provides online & offline spoken English training in Kerala.

So what is Spoken English?

As a name suggests, a spoken English course consists of extensive practice to speak better and overall, communicate better in English. Hence it is safe to say that a spoken English course gives you the tips and tricks, strategies, and techniques to speak better.  The course will cover fluency and accuracy of communication, use of pauses, tones, pronunciation, and intonation, etc.

Why Improvize360?

Best online spoken English courses in Kerala

Improvize360 conducts online spoken English courses. With an in-depth and well-curated syllabus and interactive sessions, our spoken English course is among the best spoken English coaching that is available online.

Our course covers all the basic tenets of spoken English. Starting with the basics like grammar and conversation, it moves on to a little more applied use of spoken English such as Public speaking and Extempore. What makes our course stand out is that we give special focus on interview training and PowerPoint presentation – both are areas that have practical use in a person’s professional life. Read more about our course below.

What are the benefits of learning spoken English?

All of us learn English in school. This makes it possible for us to read, write and comprehend English. But since English is not our native language, and we do not use English a lot in conversation we may not be able to fluently speak in English. Hence a lot of people especially students or newly employed youth, opt for an English speaking course to help them communicate better in English.

Let us look at some of the benefits of effectively communicating in English.


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